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"I watched this pretentious, boring, pseudo-artistic rubbish in Cardiff today, and nearly walked out half way through to watch something more absorbing, like the building work. Was Matthew Rhys asked to play it like Richard Burton? Where did Keira find her drippy accent? From watching newsreader Huw Edwards? Sienna's didn't matter, because she covered all bases with English, Irish and Welsh in turn.Why did she call Dylan Dullan sometimes, then Dillan ? The only decent performance was from Cillian Murphy- the only character you could care about. The film being shot in gloomy half light in London, then in rain in Wales ( natch) it was thoroughly depressing. Worst, it was utterly boring. I thought Atonement superb. This was plain awful. Please don't ever let English writers get involved in essentially a Welsh theme ever again. The dialogue was not only banal, it was totally unconvincing in the Welsh context."

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