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"Cassandra must have been really furiously hungry as she ate the crew and left the extras for us and that is the only explanation for this most misdirected ,badly shot and worst acted movie of the year, A middle class brit family with 2 brothers [farell and ewan ]desperately need some money ,their rich corrupt uncle gives them a contract killing in exchange for the dough. Colin farell was bad in IN BRUGES ,here he is a depressed alcoholic gambler and i can see what got him to that stage with turkeys like Alexander and MIAMI VICE,you seriously need to contemplate suicide after that. Ewan should have perished On the African motorbike ride for Channel 4 as that would have been good riddance of another awful actor . They both look ugly too and the camera work was less than amateurish ,it was childish with no editing whatsoever,as for Woody he was not on the set or the outdoors where everybody kept sitting in a terraced house OR WALKING IN CIRCLES ,but somewhere sunning in the Bahamas directing on a videophone or cell . The mum and dad of the brother duo who have the dream[title] about their retarded sons disappear without any warning after the murder and we are left with two retarded female partners who cannot see two schizoid maniacs who are seriously psychotic . But wait till you meet the dumb uncle who gives a contract killing to the two most dysfunctional lads in blighty and still goes scot free . A truly inadvertent must-see hilarious comedy by someone who made Purple rose of cairo ,Hannah and sisters and Sleeper . time to take a nap -go see cassandra's NIGHTMARE ,it is about LOVE AND DEATH and HOW TO LEARN TO MURDER IN THREE SESSIONS ,OR SORRY WAS IT HOW TO HAVE SEX...- jbz7879"

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