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"I did not find this movie scary.It is undeniably full of tension, but my over-riding emotion was one of anger and sadness that sexual violence towards women can be seen as entertainment.Shame on the director that he would apply his talents to such degrading images of women.What the hell would motivate him to put what are, after all, his very disturbing fantasies onto film, perpetuating the disgusting myth held by so many men that women exist to be abused. I am sure the director would not deny that many sick minded men would in fact find scenes in this film a turn on. We know that such men exist and thrive on violent pornography and snuff movies. Why would you want to bring this kind of thing to the masses. The only scary thing about this movie is what it shows us of mens imaginations, and how acceptable violence towards women really is in society. We all, as women, know how terrifying it would feel to be so abused, we do not need to have it so graphically portrayed in the name of entertainment. Shame on you Greg McClean. Whatever your good intentions for the film, however 'artistic', for me and many many other women you have failed, and that saddens and scares me more than any so called horror film ever could."

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