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"Haggis directorial effort has some form following 'Crash' and writing'Million Dollar Baby' and'Flags of Our Fathers'.He has come at the Iraq war obliquely and done with it what 'Redacted','Lions for Lambs' and 'Battle for Haditha' aspired to do.He has used his son's mobile phone to unlock and decode the real weight of a dehumanising war. The scrambled images are like hieroglyphs speaking a secret unmediated message of the war turning America's children into monsters.This shorthand is clever as it cuts out the need to set the whole film in Iraq.The real drama is with the craggy, stonelike features of a great screen actor's face.No need for piles of dialogue or words of explanation,just let the impassive features register emotion with a glance of anger or sadness.Also the symbolism,David versus Goliath is not too loud for the themes that are being covered.Every look and word carries meaning in this procedural thriller.Charlize Theron's acting is in the Erin Brokovitch mould of single mother trying to overcome institutional gender prejudice.She is the only actress worthy of being Tommy Lee Jones's foil. However though all the military police and police parts are full of amazing little cameos,Lee Jones carries the movie.He is at his peak what with No Country and his own 3Burials films he is the Gene Hackman of his generation for securing superb roles.The only criticism I have is for the anti-climactic ending which I think stops the film short of being great.Wish more films like this were being made."

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