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"Wow,this 50s film on American suburbia now released on DVD sure packs a punch into the solar plexus of conformity.Mason,producing as well,gives one of his best performances in a Jeckyll and Hyde role.Ray was one of the great American director's.His use of colour was symbolical and expressive.His use of wide-screen Cinemascope opens up architectural space inside a suburban home.The use of light and shadow and camera angle to bring out extremes of emotion and a character's inner life and phantasy.Rush is superb as the supportive but anxious wife,Lou.Olse is excellent as Ritchie the son.And Mattau comes across well as an eccentric but affable colleague and family friend.The superficial subject matter is the use/abuse of a 'wonder drug' to heal Mason's physical disease.This unlocks a pandora's box of psychosis and patriarchy:"God was wrong",he declares, Abraham should have sacrificed Isaac.He is about to sacrifice his son with scissors after shutting his wife away in a cupboard. He is template for any dictator,now his inner Nietsche has been liberated.I loved everything about this long lost masterpiece."

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