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"In response to Jen; please don't be silly. Of course we should not turn away from terrible events and situations, and we should be repulsed and disgusted by real life events, for example, as you say, Guantanamo Bay. This is how change comes about. However, getting back to Wolf Creek, I find your argument naive and immature. There was no point to be made about this film, as far as I could see, apart from the fact that there are some very scary people out there. Nothing new there. There was nothing of any educational value about any of the scenes in the film, so how you can compare a graphic scene of fictional sexual abuse to something like Guantanamo Bay is just beyond me. Squirming with revulsion at scenes in a horror film can hardly make us any more sensitive to real life, and death events. There is always some sort of darkly comic element to any horror film, or at least the watching of any horror film, otherwise, if we were to be actually terrified out of our minds with fear, without a laugh being involved somewhere along the line, then no-one would ever watch anything of this nature. As far as horror films go, one of the very best in my opinion was Texas Chainsaw Massacre, an absolute classic where the horror and humour were superbly mixed. I stand by my opinion that Wolf Creek, whilst beautifully shot, is a pointless, gratuitous, nasty piece of work which crosses that invisible line, and all the while poses as an intelligent piece of so called realism. I would be very interested to hear how the families of the victims feel, in the real life cases that this film is supposedly based on. Yes you are right, we should never close our eyes to the horrors of war and the evils of the world, but neither should we be taken in by cheap, unintelligent claptrap like this that only pretends to care.By the way, in response to brian o blivion; great comment, very witty, wish I'd thought of it myself!!!"

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