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"Pierre le fou It’s a postcard of post-modern obsessions depicting a world of transient feelings evoked by youth to nature,love,art,gangster films,literature,advertising,politics, philosophy and poetry. Marianne and Ferdinand are on the run towards the sun and sea and sands of the south of France.There is no plot, there is image and sensation,singing and spontaneity.Jean luc carries his camera like a gun and shoots the changing scenes wherever the two lead him. Beautiful primary colours and CINEMASCOPE with a Brechtian deconstruction, actors addressing the camera or completing each others sentences or breaking into song and dance or quoting from old movies.The plot is silly and the characters do not develop. There are elements of Breathless and Le Mepris. If Rimbaud had used a camera instead of verse this may have been a creation of his.Godard is very much the punk revolutionary mocking the movies while he’s paying it homage. There is an extraordinary freshness and vitality and topicality,attacking the Vietnam and Algerian war.Marianne describes her feelings about the loss of’115 geurillas’ whom we are told nothing about.Anna Karenin is like the gangsters moll and the femme fatale,chased by Algerian gun-runners after the money and guns. Belmondo playing the double roll of Ferdinand/Pierre le fou will kill her and her lover,Fred then blow up himself.Then their dialogue continues in death: ‘Eternity?No,it’s just the sun and sea.’A quotation from Rimbaud’s’L’Eternite’"

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