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"Neither classic nor funny like Lock Stock and Snatch. They were classics, then Guy Richie made this pile of s**t. I only spent 3 quid for a tciket and i now wish i could have bought a good lunch with that...yes, the films was awful!! Anyone who thinks this good or thinks this is Guy Richie at his r r****ds. Cause of crap like this, i gave up on British films ages ago, they r not good anymore. Overall, the concept, the plot, the humor and the title(!!) of the film were all bad. The only part i actually liked in the film was the Russians who would not just die!! That was the only part in the film that i thought was good, the rest, just shite!! oh and the ending/cliffhanger is bad too, and they cannot make a sequel from a shitty film...shitty film = shitty sequel"

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