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"This was beautiful and unusual. It wanders into the strange meshed imagination of two invalids - a suicidal man and a 5 year old girl in plaster cast- as they step into a shifting, skewiff tale of colourful bandits and dark warriors. Split between bright, sweeping lands, peppered with mythical looking buildings, and the intimate confines of a dimly lit hospital room, the film flits between darkness and whimsy. There are some delightful scenes of miscommunication, and the girl is wonderfully believable and un-Hollywood, with fearless broken English and missing teeth. She potters about, peeking into adult scenes of darkness and death, and we watch her taking it all in; we see the cogs whirring. It shows the confusion and wonder of being that age, and the boundless, jumbled imagination of a young mind. I’d see it again, i recommend it"

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