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"If you like my photography, you will love this film - the picture composition is stunning, the choice of locations is breathtaking (24 different countries - taking 4 years to film), and waiting for the right time of the day to shoot. There are brown men against blue backgrounds (stunning), scarlet expanses displayed in deserts of brilliant white sand, perspectives with good photographic lines and splashes of colour. The plot is just wow - two people, both with needs. The man telling the story in words, the girl imagining it in her mind. Yet the man will try and move the story to one of disaster because his life has come to that end, while the girl will pull it into hope even though her father is dead and she sees in him both a lover (girlie crush) and a father. The cuts between real life and fantasy show you how the girl is putting herself in the film into different characters and putting him in there also - so the story becomes a conflict between two desperate lives fighting for control of the ending. Who will win? Will the man's hopelessness destroy the hope of the girl? Or will he bow down to the girl's urging that he brings life back to his own life and saves the story from hopelessness? And what of the eucharist she gives him? Is she really saving his soul as he jokes by her refusal to let him self-destruct? This is a most stunningly perfect film."

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