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"Without a doubt this film is full of the expected action, locations and adventure we all come to expect of the Bond series. For the fans it's a must see moving at a 1000miles an hour - an increadible adreneline rush to the far corners of the planet. That said this Bond was a very messy, poorly edited screenplay. I worked hard at trying to keep track of what was supposed to be happening and how this was meant to provide some structure to the film arc of Bond unravelling the Vespa venture. I had a definite sense of being in a stormy sea with no engine or rudder. Quantum did provide some sense of increasing threat with the slow revealing of a secret, unassalably powerful organisation inserting its invisible claws into world affairs. However this was not the polished, crisply directed effort of Casino Royale. Bond, in my view, hasn't yet lost his 'Bondyness' but this particular effort certainly lost me!"

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