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"I think there are two different groups of people posting here. Those who were happy to watch any old mindlessly violent, slam blam, bang bang kill, spill and thrill adventure movie and then thoese who actually enjoy a James Bond movie. This movie, QOS, is definitely the former but all too lacking in the humour subtle dialogue and varied pace of a true Bond picture. The fact that you had to be able to remember the plot of Casino Royale, a movie watched over a year ago, in order to make any sense of what was going on, did not help at all. I aggree that the editing and fast blurred, half-baked action stunts looked visually impressive, but only if you wanted an award for artistic impression. As a dramatic background or underlying plot strengthener, they were absolutely useless. One was left with the impression that teh entire budget was for special effects and the script was an afterthought. If Craig brought some humanity into the Bond character with Casino Royale then he has unfortunately ended up in Quantum of Solace with a vengeful, generally indestructable, human with no Bond left in him. I think he should be given another chance but I think the producers, writers and directors should probably follow in the footsteps of Mr Greene and let somebody who knows what they're doing take over behind the cameras and production."

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