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"Daniel Craig is as impressive as before. However, Bond’s attempts at verbal humor are somewhat unsuccessful in this film. Craig’s characterization of Bond is too serious (and rightfully so) for these kinds of poorly scripted remarks, and this made them seem unbelievable. That aside, the film is, for the most part, well structured but lacked that Ian Fleming magic which is so evident in films like the excellent Casino Royale or the tightly scripted Goldfinger. The aerial combat sequence is expertly directed and edited but some of the earlier set pieces were difficult to absorb due to the closeness of the camera to the action and the overly frenetic Bourne-style type of editing. Additionally, I found the age of the Strawberry Fields character (the minor Bond girl role) to be rather irksome. She was far too young to be sent to pick up an MI6 agent, which only served to highlight the implausibility of her character. For the most part, I thought Quantum of Solace was an intelligent and perhaps arty addition to the Bond franchise although too similar to the Bourne films in various respects. The filmmakers need to be very careful of this. They are extraordinarily fortunate to find an actor like Daniel Craig, who so expertly brings James Bond to life. It would be a shame to waste his abilities on Bond films that imitate other action movies. My advice is to keep in line with Ian Fleming’s stories as much as possible. Only then will the old Bond magic return. But well done again, Daniel Craig."

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