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"The next one will be better! What a sad mindless automaton must DV be – passing over money to watch a poorly scripted, poorly directed movie, planning hopes on a more acceptable film next time. Read the other reviews DV… Read the books… Bond is supposed to be University educated, hyper-intelligent, calculated, and super-suave and who puts brain before brawn. He was trained to be a secret agent from a teen, being recruited into the service after his parents were killed supposedly in a mountaineering accident. The current re-imagined Bond simply does not fill this mould. What we have on screen in this new adaptation is essentially a 40 year old street-kid that has been taught to kill like a thug and not a trained assassin. Between fights all he seems to do is a lot of running whilst developing a bit of an Oedipus complex for M – god help us if he beds her in the next Bond movie (potentially entitled a Bucketful of Puke)!!! His character has about as much depth as a puddle! This is how I imagined Bond to be portrayed if Vinnie Jones had won the role - which was apparently on the cards for a while. For a film to be successful, the producers, directors, scriptwriters and cast must give the audience what they want and must live up to and preferably exceed their expectations. Daniel Craig could make a very good Bond, but the scriptwriters and directors have let us down – big time – and Barbara Broccoli has let Bond fans down the most. DV, it’s not about being stuck in the 70s, it’s about the continuation of a legacy – 22 films over 46 years based on a single set of characters is a pretty amazing achievement. About the only thing they are trying to keep true to are the Maurice Binder style of opening titles. Daniel Kleinman did an admirable job on these throughout the Brosnan years but his last two have been below par. It’s just a shame to see the legacy whither."

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