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"Do you think, maybe DrE ,that you are taking the Bond franchise a little too seriously? No I haven't read the books, but I have never been attracted to them. There are so many more interesting things to read about. And as for Bond being a well rounded, 3D character in any of the films, don't make me laugh. His has always been a fantstical, cartoon-like world on screen. The films are merely an entertaining diversion for a couple of hours (and with an Unlimited card for Cineworld, pretty cheap thank you - highly recommended) In this respect, this one did what it was billed to do. Not a great film; I never said it was, but I quite liked seeing a colder side to him. By the end, he has got it out of his system. Imagine this: you are a trained killer and your lover is murdered, would you not lose it for a while? He has finally let someone get close (after losing his parents at a young age - thanks for that) and what happens? Fits if you ask me. The next one will be better. That's called optimism. Chill out, it's just a Bond film. Noone died."

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