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"This film, one of Stanley Kubrick's best, exhibits some of the best visual and musical imaging i have ever seen in a movie. The perfedctly chosen musical score and sound "effects" leaves the viewer with a strong sense of disorientation, confusion and really quite overwhelmed. Although there is quite frequent violence, there is nothing that will mentally scar you and nothing particularly gruesome or gory - in fact, it would be considered almost nothing compared to the really disgusting violence and gore we see in today's movies. Clockwork Orange doesn't tell you what you should think, only leaves you to make up your own mind, and as a result many people find it lacking in any depth, possibly because they are incapable of making up their own mind about things. I would say that, to me, watching this movie is like viewing an exquisitely ambiguous and fanastic piece of abtstract art - something like "blue poles"."

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