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"To my mind the best museums are a museum themselves in that they have not been modernised since Victorian times,which was surely the heyday of museums. I know this comment may be un-pc,as it relates to the British Empire,but the fact is if there had been no collectors,anthropoligists etc with access to a massive storehouse,then we would be alot culturally poorer now. Unfortunately too many museums have been ruined in an attempt to update them,ripping out that great big unrefined & unconscious Victorian 'heart of darkness' & replacing it with a vapid contemporary apology. Apologies for this unreformed rant,i am sure there are many valid reasons for 'modernisation,but i need to state that i do miss those weird old collections 'behind glass cases in musty gothic surroundings,maybe i am some sort of un-reconstructed weirdo that needs 'updating'"

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