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"We were really excited about our first visit to the new champagne bar at St. Pancras Railway Station. What a huge disappointment! What, a bit of glamour, watching the Eurostar coming and going while sipping a glass of class bubbles? Nice idea, but here's the reality: the bar is on the same level as the train, not above it, so it's not as if you're looking down on it. Worse than that, you're not even on the side of the train where you can see the passengers and all the activity of a train turn around (no, I am not a train spotter, I'm more of a champagne fan - but more on that later), so this whole deal of coming to this much-vaunted 'longest champagne bar in Europe' just doesn't happen. And oh, the longest bar bit refers to a rectangular bar, by the way, not a long, straight, continuous bar, as you might image (before you get there to see it). By the way, do not go there in the winter, it is freezing cold because, by it's very nature, a train station the size of St. Pancras has a huge opening at one end, and all the freezing winter air runs the entire length of the station. The bar itself is not heated in any way. God knows how the staff cope. I saw several people living in denial: standing at the bar trying to enjoy their bubbles - and wearing coats, scarves AND gloves. It was pathetic. Oh, and yes, they do have a good range of champagnes but, astoundingly, in some throwback to the 80s in this country, had only 2, I think, by the glass. I couldn't believe it. We had watched the BBC doco on the design and rebuilding of St.Pancras and it looked like it was going to be an exciting place to drink a glass of nice bubbles, but, trust me, it isn't. It will be better in summer, I'd say, just because it won't be freezing, but the bar isn't long - at least not in a continuous sense - the selection by the glass isn't from anything near a real Champagne Bar, and you can't see the train, so what's the point?"

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