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"the best film i have ever seen ever. Have no clue why some idiots criticise this for accents ect this film is amazing. It made me cry at the end when they were all shot and hung, it made me cry. It also has action and i loved this film. Who cares at the accents or actors. We're hardly going to get some old german people to try blow up Adolf Hitler because most Germans would/nt dream of it. This film makes you realise just how brave and selfless some people are in the world. Knowing if you mess this up then you die is so selfless as he only thought of others. They never should have died, they should have been praised. One problem with this though. If you kill Hitler you die, so why not when you see him you pull out a gun and shoot him till all your bullets go because it would've been worth it. Oh well , Stauffenberg was the bravest man ever he if i were him i never would have done it what a brave man. This is simply an amzing film with an amzing cast well done to everyone involved with the making of Valkyrie. 5 stars out of 5 from me."

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