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"I think most of you have forgoten this is a movie review page!!we all have our own opinions on the war,and most of us didn't live through it!the only thing I have to say about it all is I totally agree with mr vallence (i assume he is an older man as he seems to think like the older generation who lived through it all and actually heard of these things over the "wireless"!)my grand father was over in normandy and my grandma went through the war with three children who all remember it as well as aunts and uncles (one off my grandad's brothers married a german girl he met days before the war ended,he was in germany at the time as a soldier who had landed at d-day!!)so I do know how people from that time feel about these "hero's".Anyways this is MY thoughts on the FILM.can't stand tom average actor,thought he did well in this part but still a little sitff.It started of well and then became slightly boring for awhile,when they got round to doing the biussiness it picked up again.the support cast were great but as some1 has said already not used anywhere near enough,I was looking forward to seeing kenneth on the big screen again!the plot was true to the reallity and yes I agree with others german language would have been better as in downfall but it would put the majority off(there were only 15 of us there as it was!)but they could have at least done "the accent"!this is only my opinion of the film and I AM NOT BARRY NORMANS DAUGHTER just to clarrify things as this film (as all war movies!)has stirred up old wounds and opinions!it's good to see that people still care about what happened and still have enough rage and opinions to carry on like this as it is 60 years ago but it should not be forgotton or swept under the carpet that's when it will happen again!I just wish that we could "forgive the germans" as they are only people like us and the majority of the real villians of the war are dead!"

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