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"I don't know how anyone can say this film is boring or uninteresting, especially after 1 min, what did you actually see?. The direction from Gus was great and more accessible than his recent work, the acting, the portrayal of a time partly achieved by the interspersing of real clips, and the structure were brilliant. But perhaps most importantly the film was just damn enjoyable and far more interesting and engaging than all the other oscar nominations I have seen including The Reader which was a bit shit, samey and un-authentic, and slumdog millionaire which might be the best film of the year for a 10 year old who likes a fairytale "dressed up" with violence, bangin' tunes, plot devices that don't quite work, fast camera action and a nicely resolved happy bollywood dance number ending despite charting every level of child degradation possible, to keep them entertained... Maybe you would have been better off booking tickets for slumdog. It wasn't like this was even a slow or long film, e.g. The curious case of Benjamin button, it is around the same length as both mentioned and was filled with things happening whilst still allowing you to invest emotionally in the characters and their situation. And I thought as a political drama had far more to say and document than frost/Nixon. I thought it was a brilliant film in a year of shit oscar nominations, mind you, some of you will probably be wondering why the new Friday 13th wasn't nominated."

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