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"This is the first biopic film in recent history where I was moved by how the person lived his life rather than how the actors delivered true-to-life performance. Until this film was released, I didn't know about Harvey Milk or how he created the force of the movement out of his feeling that he hadn't achieved anything he was proud of on his 40th birthday. The film was filled with conversations that anyone from minority background can identify with. Feeling persecuted, afraid and powerless, they managed to channel that into a big social momentum and movement. I notice that there are several people here who gave a big thumbs down to this film, but I guess they must be from a truly privileged background who felt no reason to stand up to challenge the system although I understand that sometimes you need to be in the right frame of mind to appreciate a film like this. If you are a gay, lesbian or bisexual, just shut up and go and see it. You'll definitely find something to take home with. I certainly better appreciate the liberty and general social acceptance we take for granted today and how fragile these can be given the history of the fight they had to fight so hard."

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