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"A GORGEOUS ILLITERATE CHEKOV FAN WITH A TONED BODY AND 3 JOBS ]---------------kate winslett seduces ,she cooks ,she cycles ,she bathes her teenage lover in a bathtub ,she sacrifices her job for him ,she becomes a martyr and then she learns to read after appreciating homer and chekov simultaneously as she is also recruited by socialist nationalists who fail to determine her educational qualifications into three jobs where she is obviously interviewed but selected so nobody at the trial for her war crimes at aushwitz mentions anything about her ouvrae while all other records were enough to be scrutinized in detail but her introspective curriculum vitae was of no consequence . a ludicrous fable with even ralph fiennes totally miscast where he has no semblance with his 15 year old self played by david kross -this has too many flaws in the script to even be commended as a fantasy adventure . the hilarity of how we contemplate illogical fiction and fake art is exaggerating in the search for an origonal script which is restricted to philandering morons like danny boyle and second rate plagiarised versions of bollywood . winslett plays a woman who indulges in sex tantrums and kama sutra in german glory with close introspective observations of her adolescent lover and his crown jewels , her choice of langerie is somewhat dubious as in the swimming sequence in the idyllic ravine ,but she has a rather kind nature as she takes a huge blame for a whole national crime to become a scapegoat and a martyr for the entire german nation who according to this fable built thousands of death camps and killed millions in a milieu where millions were aware of the crimes as well as the rest of the world too . but then were dachau or auschwitz ever bombed or even strafed by allies just so they could bring the wires down and help the inmates escape . although a church is bombed with 300 jewish women locked inside to burn alive while the six gaurds are wary to let them out as they might not be able to control the chaos . this rather paranoid ,pretentious and contemptuous view of humanity tries to make us feel guilty by implying we are all criminals as we observe the laws but not morality . unfortunately the transient milieu has no respect for any law either and morality was the first casualty when adam and eve decided to indulge themselves. there goes the debate about law and morality and justice which is rare and precious in all eras and milieus . the reader is not just illiterate it is also dyslexic like its admirers who could not decipher a working woman on a tram reading tickets cannot be illiterate . as for kate she deserves an oscar for all the aerobics she indulged in to tone up for the erotic german kama sutra with her youthful well endowed lover who cannot get over her because she was such a typical dysfunctional sadomasochistic character who slaps him for a birthday present . there are other hysterical idealistic youth too who suggest everyone who knew about death camps must be shot . it made me think about abu garib and gitmo bay and what that would imply in modern terms . also congratulations to lena olin for giving the most snobbish and exaggerated performance of a death camp victim who has survived aushwitz , she denies others absolution but to me it seemed she needed it herself with her atrocious arrogance and an attitude which redeems jade goody as a saint . finally the war crimes court needs to be rebuked for a mistrial as they did not look at the educational qualifications of a woman on trial who was bent on martyrdom to win a golden statuette . they fully aided her endeavours to perpetuate a so called moralist drama that ridicules not just holocaust but art in particular as propagandist trash . watch this if you like to see full frontal nudity and some well designed sex circus between an illiterate woman and her adolescent paramour and forget the rest"

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