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"The trouble is, when people who are gullible watch films like these, they think it's okay to behave in a smilar fashion. Hey, it's make-believe. In the real world we have to act as responsible adults otherwise we come across as retards. By that I mean be aware, be conscious, think rationally, be kind to others, be tolerant,try to understand what the big picture is in this life. This world has had enough of war and hatred and destruction. Be a voice for change. It starts with us as individuals. If we can't be at peace with each other there will never be peace on this earth. But there can and will be because of those who want it to be. Don't make the mistake of thinking politicians or religions are going to save us; all they've managed so far is the opposite. They're worse than useless. So there's only us left, the silent majority, more powerful than you can ever imagine if we just make the right choices. Right on!"

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