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"My father always told me to be wary of reviewers who label their subject as one which is multi layered ("the fatal problem is that this is a film with an identity crisis."). It tells you one thing: That these reviewers have problems with understanding complex issues. Phrases like "doesn't know what it wants to be" etc., might've sounded 'phat!' ten years ago, but are sooooooo nineties. Especially if said reviewers get essential details wrong, one should be mistrustful about their skills, and whether they'd actually SEEN the film in question. I'm referring of course, to the mother's meeting with the bombers son, which was of course the completely logical conclusion of the journalists' actions, which themselves were borne out of a desire to win the mother back, which was totally understandable because of his guilt and her being highly attractive AND a damsel in distress, too. This is clearly a film about guilt, both hers and his, and dealing with grief and death of loved ones. The fact that there is some sort of institutional misdeeds is not there to show conspiracy, but to show that we all f up, sometimes. The references to the shooting/execution of the innocent Brazilian in the subway in 2007, are clear and intentional. This is a great film, I really dunno what everybody is on about. Aside from the whole accent thing (we know that Williams' accent is fake, it is not perfect, but adequate. If we hadn't known that she was an American, most of us would've never guessed.) This is a near flawless film, storywise. Williams again, delivers on the acting skills. She has been since childhood a talented actress, whose talent can be obscured, at times by her beauty. It can be more of an obstacle to her work, than an asset. Sometimes. Even she, can't have it all ...."

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