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"The initial portion of the film works brilliantly by introducing us to 2 strange, engaging girls : the rich Frederique from the South of France & the enigmatic Why waif. Their bizarre, outre liaison holds promise for an interesting film ; however, the film starts derailing when Why suddenly decides at a party that she likes men after all, or, at least, 1 specific male guest. She seduces him & makes a date for the following afternoon. The older girl suddenly & coincidentally decides that she loves this man also & seduces him on the following day, thereby resulting in a no-show for the aforementioned date. We are then supposed to believe that Why is willing to be a 3rd wheel in this menage-a-trois. Too many implausible coincidences & non sequiturs are present in this beautifully-shot film. ( SPOILER WARNING ) It resembles ' All About Eve ' . Particularly, the murder of the rich girl by the waif Why at the film's end is in this vein. It's not a bad film, but it fails to live up to its early promise."

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