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"this is a sharp reminder that COEN BROTHERS have been desperately trying to write a clone of this sharp black comedy but they need more then an empty style to achieve an intelligent coup in this genre . the whole anglo american conglomerate of war on TERROR with spin doctors and the intelligence dossiers and lies about WMDS are taken for a ride in a hilarious travesty of the current milieu while at the same time you are pathetically aware that nothing is going to change ever and the bertayal and deception will last while the culprits offer a sacrificial goat picked at random and that is what makes this rather lunatic and wry movie quite subtle and bittersweet too . the characters and the political pastiche and the foul steet language used in the highest echelons of sophisticated governing bodies only is trying to emphasize how disappointingly average and ordinary humanity is at all levels . the immorality here though is rendered like a souffle and it tastes good even though at times the whole thing is overcooked . i really do not see how anyone will not be amused by this political satire on our society as this also reflects virtually not just politicians but other fields of life in the way the characters behave and communicate without any logical rationale to achieve their ego mania - it the best docu drama narrative i have seen in quite a while and it was not trying to philosophize stylize ,or sermonise like the rest of the cinematic buffoons ,on the contrary this is quality rendered as quietly scalding humour and frifghteningly to ignore ."

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