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"Jeez take it easy guys! I don't see why people feel so let down that Time Out has published a petty thing such as ranting... come on! It's fun! We all know that we become patriotic of our corner of London and that's actually a good thing - we all need to belong innit? I've lived in South London for about 7 years and have recently move up to Stokie, about 1 year ago... and I tend to agree with the articles. South London is sweet and chilled and green and I have many lovely amazing memories of it... but then you grow up and you move up and you realise that... wow!!! THIS is the real London! 15mins bus ride to The Barbican? No vast expanse of nothingness between central London and my home? Etc etc etc... And yes, East London is more fun, which is why I think Stokie is the best place in teh world. Near town, but ever so near Dalston and Shoredtich! :)"

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