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"my dislike for this film is a simple "book is better than the movie" scenario. there isnt an xmen or wolverine comic anywhere, that wolverine and gambit are friends. in fact the constantly are at eachothers throats because they NEVER get along. so much, that marvel made a 3 issue wolverine vs. gambit series. gambit has 100% no role in wolverines past. he has a unique and dark past all his own. this is why he is my favorite xman. he is not a friendly person. hes a suave, smart ass, con. hes not a magician, hustler yes, card ticks, no. the only reason he uses cards is because they are small and he gets 52 "bullets" for cheap. his staff is retractable, and its not a helicopter. the cheap shot back hand was not lame. gambit is stupid enough to be bitch slapped. 2. wolverine would NEVER under ANY circumstances work or get along with sabertooth. they are mortal enemies. wolverine rages just at the smell of sabertooth. and they cant kill eachother because they share the same mutant power. and just so everyone knows, wolverine was not born with claws. his only mutant power is a rapid healing factor, also intensifying his senses. he agreed to the weapon x program because he wouldnt die from the procedure like all the previous patients, because of his healing factor. the claws came with the adamantium. in the later comics, magneto rips out wolverines adamantium and his body regenerates bone claws in place of the metal ones hes had for years. i have some other issues with the film itself such as stealing EXACT shot from other movies such as "Final Fantasy VII Advent Children" (wolverine uses his claws to do a u-turn on the motorcycle) immediately followed by "Matrix Reloaded" (wolverine's claws down the side of the hummer). Its not that these were similar shots, they were EXACTLY IDENTICAL. Cheesy sunset hero shots. The movie was high school good. it was a spit in the face of xmen fans everywhere....but we should be used to that by now."

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