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"Your youthful critic Charley (aged 11?) spends most of his opening lines complaining about the age of his fellow audience, with a cheap joke about colostomy bags thrown in. if anyone is interested enough to read my comments below I did agree with Charley on the main point of this section...I didn't like "Looking for Eric" one little bit. As a 67-year-old pensioner, I always go to the cinema in the afternoon because it is cheaper and usually quieter, not full of potential "Charleys" chomping on popcorn, slurping noxious cola and talking through the film because they are too ill-mannered to appreciate that they are not watching a DVD on a sofa in their living rooms. Fortunately the Cineworld in my neck of the woods is not over-populated by youth when it comes to serious films.They tend to prefer Chain Saw Torture Odyssey III or some such garbage so we old folk can titter through real films unbothered...."

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