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"This was a two-hander of a movie based on a long-running stage play by Peter Morgan in which the two principal actors( Langhella and Sheen) reprised their roles. Not forgetting that Howard made a boxing film, Cinderella Man, this goes the distance of punches (to reputation) and jabs(to esteem) with the possibility of only one coming out a winner, taking into account the feints, parries, time-wasting and cover-ups. We get a lot of tension built up pre-fight by concentrating on the Frost camp, with two researchers and a producer, and no network willing to put it on or being criminally underfunded. As a play-boy talk show host whose best years are behind him we concentrate on his girlfriend, his show-biz energy and charm and how he is putting everything on this last roll of the dice to boost his career.Langhella plays Nixon as a human being who is vulnerable and impressed by Frost’s Italian shoes, his parties and his girlfriend. Nixon is seen to win the early rounds of the interview with his aide, Kevin Bacon ,willing to step in at any perceived underhand ploy by Frost to make his man divulge. The fact that Frost has access to unpublished interviews between Coulson and Nixon which he quotes from and he is the recipient of a late-night drunken phone call from Nixon ,just gives him the edge to make the knockout blow and to force the confession: he abused his position as President to authorise the break-ins and pay for the cover-up. Just as the tapes cost Nixon the Presidency and proved his role in the Watergate scandal due to the admission of the man, Butterfield, who knew of them(one of three) so the Frost-Nixon interview got to Nixon in a way that no journalist , trial or impeachment could do. The little man whose lack of social graces and his vanity made him seek the highest office in the land and once there to seek total control through the tapes, would prove his undoing. I don’t think the film was particularly great as a film and it didn’t quite bring out the seriousness of the subject."

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