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"This is a really wonderful film that should have been top of the charts for a month. As a UK viewer whose ignorant of the sport, it's seems not to be a sports film in any significant way. Baseball is only a partial venue for a most moving and humane story. It's a film about a genially-arrogant, young Spanish-speaker who is selected to play baseball in the States. Despite widespread good will from his host family and team, Sugar is alienated and crushed by his lack of English and his employers' lack of Spanish. Following an injury, fear and foolishness lead him to take illegal stimulants and a catastrophic performance on the field so humiliates him that he walks away from this dream. He is eventually restored and redeemed by humbler employment and company. A beautiful film about good will wasted through incomprehension but also about the good use a young man makes of dire experience to achieve fulfillment and maturity. Subtle, subststantial and skillfully filmed. No better film will win an Oscar."

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