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"Sorry but this is a movie painfully unaware of it's own premise. Robots from the future are hunting down people who will bother them later. I kept waiting for the film to realize that... sadly, it never did. Well, okay, Kyle Reese was on the hit list. Which means that the Skynet of the present (in the future) knows that Reese will cause trouble (in the past) by going back in time and fathering John Connor, who in this movie seems to be a low level staffer, but who is, I'm told, going to save humankind (further in the future... or maybe in the past). So why doesn't Skynet just send a Terminator back to kill Reese's grandfather in WW2 or something (maybe they did or will do when they get around to it)? And if Skynet does have time travel capability, why fight the resistance with the old, clunk-a-naters? Why not send their best-o-naters (that they make in the future) back in time to stomp out the resistance (which will be lead by that genius John Connor at some point)? And if TIME TRAVEL is the key, why isn't JC (that's John Connor) more interested in looking for the time machine? I kept waiting to see THAT in this film. I mean, so what if Skynet kills Reese... It's only a problem if time travel works like it does in Back to the Future, then JC will disappear as the past is changed and he ceases to have ever existed. But if we're not dealing with BTTF time travel effects, he can find the time machine and go back in time and stop Reese from being killed. But if Terminator time travel works like it does in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, then JC can just promise to invent a mega-powerful killer robot later, send it back in time to just that moment and... poof, it suddenly appears. Using that system, the he could have a stud farm of killer robot babes all to himself. And why not, really? But really, the dirty little secret to the Terminator franchise is this: John Connor will ultimately realize that if he DOES succeed in stopping Skynet from unleashing Judgement Day, then that will prevent him from ever being born. So it's in his own best interests to help Skynet along to that point even if it means everyone dies. Finally, I think this movie should have ended with John Connor being turned into a cyborg. Wouldn't that have been a twist...??"

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