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"I live near Vauxhall and have NEVER seen any trouble. Like all large cities you have to be aware in London, but Vauxhall is not the sort of place anything would happen - especially around the venues. It is nothing like Washington DC for example. You have to remember that there are literally THOUSANDS of clubbers out at the weekend in Vauxhall. Currently clubbers from all over London condescend at Area on Sunday morning to continue clubbing from 3am to lunchtime. The clubs all have queues outside and there are official taxi cabs outside the clubs (not RVT). If you are worried about getting home in the early hours (especially if alone) always take an OFFICIAL taxi from the dispatcher at the club. To be safe dont go wandering around ANY part of London alone in the early hours of the morning especially the parks (which are closed), and never carry more money than you need."

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