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"The Saga Concludes...... In some ways, that might be a blessing as what could top this effort? For sheer exhilaration, panache, spectacle and action, this is by far and away the best of the so-called prequel trilogy and, in my opinion, the joint third best of the entire series. (The first and second being "A New Hope" and "Empire Strikes Back" with the joint third being "Return if the jedi"-even with the ewoks) Why? Well, the final installment delivers on all levels, despite some dodgy acting by the two young principals who, admittedly, may have been assisted by some of the worst dialogue in the entire series. Still, the experience is a stunning one, all the same. The battles in both space, and on the various planets of the bigger Star Wars universe, to the more personal battles between major characters and the "order 66" betrayals, are all excellently handled and show that Lucas can still mastermind and handle scenes of complexity and tremendous scale. And, as such, should be aluded for being able to do so. As always, the masterful score by John Williams, the real Star Wars meastro in my opinion, is bombastic, graceful and just sulime as and where necessary. Of course, everyone faliliar with the Star Wars mythos knows what's going to happen by the end of this film and what the fate of certain characters are going to be. it's how we all get there that matters. And, for one, I had a fantastic time doing so. After all, just to see the fully armoured Darth Vader in the final scenes was an indication that, over the last, or preceding, depending on your "point of view", 31 years that this saga has spanned, all has come full circle and we are returning back to the characters that we all came to love in the originals. How many film series can you really say that about ?"

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