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"Cliff, first off I'd encourage you not to go down the cheap road of misquoting people. "...pretty much all..." and "All of..." are two quite distinct claims. Of course not ALL of history's greats have been atheists or agnostics (which is what you tried to make it look like I was claiming), just like not ALL atheists or agnostics are good clever people. I do have brains enough to realise that... I still stand by my claim that when analysing great thinkers and people who've contributed a lot to our understanding of the world around us, you'll find that the vast majority of them strongly question(ed) the existence of any god. Whilst believers have been able to prove absolutely nothing in favor of their belief in the existence of god(s), and simply hide behind the all so convenient "oh, but god is mysterious and above all logic and reasoning" excuse, science, logic, reason and rational thinking has taken us from a world where the earth was flat and everything rotated around it, to a world with microchips, computers, cars etc etc. Now, of course no side can prove that any god(s) does or doesn't exist, but why would you chose to join in on bronze age superstitious myths when you can use your brain and go with the wonderful world of science that can actually give you a proper testable explanation for ALL its claims? Oh yes, I forgot, people WANT there to be a god, people WANT there to be a life in heaven after this one, people WANT there to be a meaning with life... And what some of us WANT really makes a difference to what's actually true, doesn't it [insert face of irony here]? Any of you are of course free to believe in whatever god you like (Zeus and Thor are pretty cool, so you might want to give one of them a go for a while), but I think it's great that people like Pat strongly critisise religion and all it's special treatment. I totally agree with him that religion has not earned any respect (look up the history of religion!), and it doesnt deserve any either. We need to get rid of it as far as possible, and embrace open-mindness, thinking for yourself, using your inbuilt moral and progress human kind beyond what religion still insists on today: Don't question anything, just believe, and you will reach heaven (from where you can look down at all those who didn't do what we told them to, and that therefore are now burning forever in hell!!). Religion is clearly for the weak, ignorant and stupid minded. Sadly, that's the majority of of people... Cheers!"

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