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"UK (London at any rate) is BY FAR the most intolerant city I've ever cyled in, as a resident communter cyclist from DC in US, NZ, Amsterdam to Brazil. This intolerance escalates anger and in some cases considerably adds to danger (esp fm car drivers). In Amsterdam cyclists are omnipresent, sail through red lights, go on pavements yet there is almost nothing of the aggression levels in London. I conclude that London intolerance is a horrible side of 'british culture', which seems to be based around this idea of 'moral superiority'. All of pedestrians, motorists and cyclists break rules, so what is it that makes people so 'justifiably' angry - the moral high ground part? Its not safety - in most, but not all, accidents cyclists will come off worst. I think it's that the person who ISN'T breaking the rule FEELS that YOU are going to think yourself morally superior - ha ha one over etc. However, this is imputing a motive that isn't there most probably - if I go through a red light as a cyclist I'm doing it usually to get ahead of traffic throng, safety, avoid pollution, or simply that there's no one crossing eg not because I want to feel superior. Its the perception that is the problem. I do see this as a uniquely British phenomenon. Go to Amsterdam for a week and then come back and have an adult debate about cycling, its really pretty depressing and childish otherwise. Intolerance does breed intolerance as there is no net benefit for being a 'good' cyclist if everyone just vents at 'all cyclists' when they have this debate, in this way. Peace and goodwill boys and girls."

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