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"I knew something was amiss when I saw this back in 2001 in Los Angeles; not submitted to the MPAA for rating, it was screened as 'unrated', but a large sign slapped up at the box office read: 'Contains scenes of graphic sexual violence ./ no-one under 18 admitted / NO REFUNDS'. It was that last minatory note that alerted me to the aggrieved-walkout potential of the film - and indeed this audience member wanted to leave the cinema not because of disgust or revulsion with the subject matter or its presentation, but because it was just so damnably BAD. But I'd paid, I stayed. Claire Denis, whose 'Beau Travail' is one of the finest films of the last 20 years, really fucked up with this one, and the tres misguidedly uber-hip casting of Dalle and Gallo did nothing to enhance the work. Dreadful, seriously, truly dreadful."

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