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"Spoiler warning - Wow. The Half-Blood Prince movie was a disappointment to me, compared to the book. Obviously, not all story lines can be included in movies, but it didn’t seem like the director (even though I know he apparently did one before), or screenplay writer, or somebody, must not have read the books, or seen the previous movies! Why change it to Luna finding Harry on the train, instead of Tonks? No purpose. And why on earth would you do it making the wrakspurt (?) of Luna’s imagination real?? Also, leaving out conversations Harry had with Dumbledore about the possible identity of most of the horcruxes seems a crucial error for the set-up of the next story! Adding things to the story like burning the Burrow is horrendous. It would better-serve the story by including more of the things that actually happened! Also, yes, Hermione, in the book, is frustrated to tears with Ron’s obtuseness, but she’s not the simpering idiot she had to portray in the movie. I waited through movie for at least the climactic ending but they didn’t show the battle!! Unbelievable! Maybe people who haven’t read the book will think it fine, & others may want to see it for the sake of it. I fervently hope a different crowd makes the movies for the last book. Thank you."

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