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"Dave. Thanks for info on Knightrider. Explains why I did not know it; it's a bit before my time. I willl look out for it on one of the golden oldies channels. Dave, you sound very sweet but you are wrong about pavement cycling. All the incidents I have witnessed have been totally black and white; people (nearly always men) cycling illegally and at speed on pavements, causing fear and injury to pedestrians. I have mentioned here before that I have a friend who is blind who has been hit 3 times while on the pavement ( and I do mean pavements, not shared paths) and a fourth time a cyclist stopped one inch in front of her terrified guide dog. You can't get more black and white than that! I am assuming that you are quite young and perhaps you don't realise the fear and anxiety this creates in the elderly in particular. I know some neighbours and relatives who are nervous of going out where I live (East London). Around here there are often more cyclists on the pavements than in the road. I totally support genuine cycle paths of the kind that they have in Holland and would love to see that here but that kind of infrastructure costs huge amounts of money and pavement cycling is haemorrhaging support for cyclists among the general public. People don't want their taxes going to people who piss them off!"

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