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"Some valid points Kit. What's to be done tho? Pavement cycling is hardly the greatest hinderance to the elderly or the blind. A law to prevent respectful users like me from using the public spaces we pay to maintain isn't going to stop direspectful cyclists causing a threat to vulnerable people, whether on bikes or not. (This is England - 90% of our taxes go to people thatpiss us off!) Cyclists don't simply go around colliding with everything that isn't able to leap out of the way. The problem is that they assume people will move, and "assumption is the mother of all f*ckups" Criminalising pavement cycling creates animosity, unpredictability and disrepect for the law (as it is unenforceable). It would be better to create a simple shared mantra - "slower moving pavement traffic has the right of way" to remove the assumption that people will step aside, without turning normal people into criminals. Take the Amsterdam example - it takes some adjustment to walk around Amsterdam safely, as their cycling population expects their pedestrians to be wary of them at all times. If all London cyclists rode like that our problem would be a lot worse. It's also drawing a long bow to equate pavement cycling with disrespect for the blind, the amount I save on train fares per month is about the same as my monthly donation to - but not becuase I've ever run over a guide dog!"

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