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"i am blind and have a guide dog. with my dog i should be able to assume that the pavement will be a safe place for me to walk independently. yet it has become increasingly dangerous for me because of adults cycling on the pavenents (which is not a shared space) rather than in the road where there is a cycling lane for their use. i have had cyclists hit me as they passed. terrified my guide dog so that not only is he frightened by their sudden and speeding appearance from behind us but is then unable to work for a while... which puts me in danger too. there is no excuse for this behaviour. pavements are for people not cyclists and i must totally agree with kit on this. if the road is too dangerous... even with the cycling lane... then let the cyclist get off and walk like the rest of us. or have cyclists lobby councils to create safer cycyling lanes in the road... perhaps have them put in some kind of "cats eye" bollard about a foot high... spaced just close enough together to prevent cars entering the cycle lane so it is free of parked vehicles and totally safe for cyclists to use. instead of making pavements unsafe for pedestrians why not make the roads safer for cyclists? then we can all be happy. though i think there are some cyclists who simply get a kick out of going in and out of people on the pavement... gives them a sense of power and invulnerability. whatever the reason they should not be there. pavements are for people not bikes."

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