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"Dave, I take your point about taxes! However, I still think that genuine improvements in cycle networks need the support of the public which is currently being lost because of pavement cycling. When I mentioned Holland I meant the real, segregated cycle routes in the country areas not Amsterdam where pedestrians have to share the pavements with cyclists. I don’t think that you are qualified to say what is a hindrance to the blind and I think you are feeling more than a little defensive as there was no need to mention your charitable donations which are in no way connected to what we are talking about. Can you quote where I equated pavement cycling with disrespect for the blind? I never said that. I stated the pure facts of what has been my friend’s experience. I do believe-and here you can quote me-that pavement cyclists are showing disrespect for all pedestrians. You are fond of saying “assumptions are the mother of all f**** ups. You talk about a “simple mantra” that would remind cyclists that slower moving “traffic” has right of way. At the moment most pavement cyclists that I see are young, male and aggressive; they weave in and out of people as if they are just a human slalom there for no purpose other than for them to show off their prowess and if someone gets “clipped,” what’s the harm? This is what happens now when pavement cycling is still illegal but you believe that if it is made legal and cyclists have far less to fear from the law if they injure someone, that they will magically become considerate and respectful. Assumptions are the mother of all f***ups Dave. In this country, by both custom and law, pavement cycling has been illegal since the nineteenth century. Pavement cyclists are not “being criminalised” they are criminalising themselves by breaking the law and putting people in danger because they won't cycle in the road where they belong. This week a 20 year old man was sent to prison for 7 months because he killed an innocent 84 year old man in Weymouth whose only mistake – assumptions are the mother of all f*** ups- was to assume he was safe on the pavement."

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