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"Vanessa Hudgens has to be one of the cutest girls on the planet. Everything else about this film is mediocre. When you're three quarters of the way through the film and you can't see what the point of it is --- then something's wrong. The storyline (even with the light shed on it by what almost passes for a twist near the end) and in places the dialogue are contrived, even for a teen drama. Frankly this would be reasonably good TV delivered for free to your living room, but it's a bit poor for a trip to the cinema. I'd still say that it's towards the upper end of two stars, but given that all it can possibly be meant as is drama (it's not a comedy, for a start), this film really needed some proper plot and credible characters. Overall, this film isn't terrible - it's mildly entertaining - but it's woefully lacking in direction --- it's just not taking you anywhere in particular. A bunch of hyperangsty teens do their thing, and you're left thinking - so what? But OMG Vanessa Hudgens she is SOOOOOOO cute!"

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