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"I can't understand how you TimeOut critics rate the bloody awful GI JOE flick with three stars, and this movie with two stars. Yes, it aims to be emotional, and I think it quite succeeds. The sci-fi traveling bit isn't meant to be taken literally. It's about memories, about a person's desire to revisit those moments in life that are special to him--what I particularly liked was the fact that this time traveler isn't a Doctor Who, popping into a Sardis and having a bunch of gun-toting adventures with Egyptians or aliens or whatever. He only travels to places that are important to him on a personal and emotional level, and he doesn't travel voluntarily. There's something quite Proustian about that. But I guess TimeOut, with its indubitable taste, prefers watching men in accelerator suits crunching up most of Paris. Oh well."

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