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"I honestly believe this was the worst movie ever created the dialog went no where and for that movie to be made in 2007 it has the worst so called action sequense I've ever seen I honestly think I could give my came phone to a Jr. High School student and let him/her use her imagination and they will come up with something utterly trumping this waste of film and money QT could have done so much better there's no point in puting out a movie if it wasn't finished or if he didn't put his time into it Im sorry to all the QT fan boys who will say that I'm retarded and have no idea what I'm talking about but for u saying this is a jewel or even a ok/tolleralable movie get off QT's sack and really look at the movie for what it's worth not for who made it. IMO worst movie I ever sat down and watch all the way through 2 times (to make sure I didn't miss out on anything) I gave that movie a fair chance and will not give the movie and good review to anyone who asks QT needs to step his game back up and create some better movies again"

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