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"I most certainly don't agree with what Chris said. At least Transformers was well acted, well cast and the mood properly set. All the tension creation in this film relied on the "eerie music", the film didn't flow well, it all seemed choppy and stop start. The characters were developed terribly, The character of Wendy, who was orignally supposed to be torn between love for her husband and love for her child but essentially a strong woman willing to do whatever it takes, is turned into a dithering arm flapping moron and Jack's transformation is not subtle and slow it's crude and way too blatant. In the space of five minutes, he goes from frustrated to obviously insane.. No flow to this film, actors were terrible (Duvall in particular), and the individual stories (Jack's writing, Wendy and Danny and Dick Halloran in Miami) were all much too disjointed."

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