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"By a comfortable margin, this was the worst film I've seen this year. It doesn't surprise me that the TO reviewer loved it ; this film was made for critics to admire, not for the public to enjoy. The characters aren't so much detached from the viewer as marooned in another universe : I can honestly say I didn't come even close to experiencing a single flicker of empathy or feeling for any of these sad creations. The contempt displayed by Campos for us, the viewer, supercedes anything I can remember. Even during the worst films I've endured in recent years ("Heartbeat Detector" and "Antichrist" spring instantly to mind), at least I felt that there was a vision, however poorly realised, that the maker wanted to present to the audience. Here, I saw (and felt) nothing. And please, don't breathe the name "Haneke" in the same time zone as Campos : the former makes films of immense subtlety and intelligence (in the case of 'Hidden', a genuine contender for best film of the decade); the latter just leaves calling-cards. Soulless, boring and hateful ; you have been warned."

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