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"People here really need to change their attitudes towards cyclists going through red lights. There is a distinction between those who pass red lights as quickly as possible in order to reduce their journey time and those who will pass red lights slowly only after making sure they are not crossing the path of other traffic or pedestrians. Simply, it is much more dangerous and difficult to leave traffic lights at the same time as a horde of motorised traffic - most of which have not seen you and will leave no space in overtaking you. It is even more dangerous if the traffic includes HGVs of any description. Incredibly, the statistics exist to show this but are either repressed or manipulated and that has led to a bad attitude towards cyclists from both car drivers and pedestrians. This contributes to the FACT that cyclists are at a much greater risk of death or serious injury than those groups. This misinformation and social apathy/misdirection directly leads to more CYCLISTS being injured and is perpetuated because of the current government push to increase cycling in London. FACTS/RESEARCH show that women cyclists are more likely to be killed by a lorry than men cyclists because they are more likely to wait at traffic lights and cycle less agressively=visibly. So, go slowly through red lights when it's safe, be assertive on the road and make yourself visible. It's your life at risk, no-one else's. Some other stats."

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