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"Sue, I have just read a more recent interview in the Radio Times, in which you say, "I get tired of cookery programmes about how to whip up a souffle. My passion is food politics." You then go on to say, "I'd like to see a programme encouraging people to eat vegetarian food three days a week. The British are obsessed with meat and it devastates the landscape." Why just three days a week? Why not seven days a week? Sue, you need a reality check. I suggest you read "Eternal Treblinka" by Charles Patterson. Many people, myself included, believe that it is the best, the most important and the most powerful book ever written about the abuse of power. Patterson writes about the Holocaust and the slaughterhouse industry - and the chilling links between the two. Many survivors of the Holocaust, children of survivors of the Holocaust and even children whose parents have perished in the Holocaust have said that it took the Holocaust for them to realize that the way that the Nazis viewed and treated them was just like how they used to view and treat (non-human) animals and Patterson includes some of them in his book. Translated into a number of languages, including Polish, German, French, Spanish, Arabic and Hebrew, and with numerous excellent reviews, "Eternal Treblinka" deserves to be at the very top of everyone's must-read list. Sue, you need to put it at the top of yours. Vegan wishes, Sandra"

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